Friday, December 3, 2010

Jonsi - Go Live (2010)

Artist: Jonsi
Album: Go Live
Year: 2010

Track Listing

1. Stars in Still Water
2. Hengilás
3. Icicle Sleeves
4. Kolniður
5. Tornado
6. Sinking Friendships
7. Saint Naive
8. Go Do
9. Boy Lilikoi
10. Animal Arithmetic
11. New Piano Song
12. Around Us
13. Sticks & Stones
14. Grow Till Tall

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Hi everyone. I was looking at my mail a couple of days ago trying to delete the multiple facebook notifications when i saw a mail from Jonsi's mailing list. I didnt had a problem with the mailing lists, most people just mark them as spam or delete themselves from the list. Well, this mail advertised a new song, "New Piano Song" and along with it, they were announcing the release of "Go Live". I watched some of the streamed concerts because i wasnt able to see him in Canada and i liked the show in general.

This release is only available on Jonsi's site and with that reason in mind i also added the link to the site information page. The live album can also be bought physically or virtually and better yet, you can get the DVD that acompanies the CD. It combines the tracks from the previous solo effort from Jonsi called "Go" with new songs. For the free song, i included the link to the download page which requires facbook authorisation or it seems that you can also download it without the need of facebook. Also, i added the player for the song in case someone is curious and do not want to download it.

I hope you XD

Thursday, December 2, 2010

RareNoise Records - Sampler II

Artists: Meditronica, The Mantra ATSMM, Somma, Method of Defiance, Death Cube K, Parched, Brainkiller, Martin Shulte, and Echo
Album: Sampler II
Label: RareNoise Records
Year: 2010

Track Listing:

1. Meditronica - Byblos From Above
2. The Mantra ATSMM - Mangrove - 5:11
3. Somma - Bhavacakra - 11.39
4. Method of Defiance - Black Rain - 5:48
5. Death Cube K - Night Crawler - 11:08
6. Parched - BKK 5.48 AM
7. Brainkiller - Casketch
8. Martin Shulte - The Buttlerfly
9. Meditronica - Ki Eshmera Shabbat (Gaudi remix)
10. Echo - 8e30 - 4:17

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Hello everyone, good morning, afternoon, or night (you choose). I wanted to give a shoutout to the little crowd that comes into this little blog and advertise this label called "RareNoise Records", a really cool place where some really dark sounds come along and make something beautifull and yet sinister. Also i do this because Death Cube K is an anagram of Buckethead, and you know that i support the guy untill i die.

This is a relatively new label, in fact when it came out it already had Death Cube K lined up as many of the bands featured in the sampler. This is the second one, and its free on their webpage and suncloud so there is no reason not to hear it (unless youre deaf or do not want to, both are good alternatives). Ill in fact add the first sampler if i can but i dont know if its downlodable still (the first one got released on 2008 if i remember correctly), ill ask them if its ok.

As for the bands i cannot say much about each of them, i liked Death Cube K (already stated reasons) but also i liked Meditronica and Somma (just because it reminds me of that wonderfull drug from "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and yet that drug to me is music. Just that comparison maked me hear them).

At the end of this post there is a player with 5 of the tracks from the sampler; the link i gave you to download takes you to their page where you put your mail snad stuff and then download. You know how the systems work now.

Anyways i hope you enjoy this output of different music than i usually add.

RareNoiseSampler II by RareNoiseRecords

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Social Network Soundtrack (2010)

Artist: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Album: The Social Network Soundtrack
Year: 2010

Track Listing:

1. Hand Covers Bruise - 4:18
2. In Motion - 4:56
3. A Familiar Taste - 3:35
4. It Catches Up With You - 1:39
5. Intriguing Possibilities - 4:24
6. Painted Sun In Abstract - 3:29
7. 3:14 Every Night - 4:03
8. Pieces Form the Whole - 4:16
9. Carbon Prevails - 3:53
10. Eventually We Find Our Way - 4:17
11. Penetration - 1:14
12. In the Hall of the Mountain King - 2:21
13. On We March - 4:14
14. Magnetic - 2:10
15. Almost Home - 3:33
16. Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise - 1:52
17. Complication with Optimistic Outcome - 3:19
18. The Gentle Hum of Anxiety - 3:53
19. Soft Trees Break the Fall - 4:44

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Hello everyone. Another night, another release. This time i show a soundtrack made for the movie The Social Network; this movie is freakin awesome. I had to watch it 4 times (only 1 at the movies) to understand it better.
The soundtrack made by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross (frequent collaboator), it has some amazing songs that relaxed me so much while there are 2 reworked tracks from the Ghosts I-IV album that i showed you all before. Really a lot of what could be described as textures (i really suck at explaining but kind of feel that way) with "In Motion", " Intriguing Possibilities", and "The Gentle Hum of Anxiety" as the songs that strike me the most.

But hold your horses dear reader, as Reznor has made usual to be able to download everything he releases, this is just a sampler. It consists of only 5 selected tracks of the album (marked in the track listing with different color) but the link that i added takes you to the official page where you can see a great clip from the movie, the link to get the samepler (it requires email identification but does not mail you anything but the download link), and most importantly, if you liked it there you can buy the album in different formats, if you still use any of those.

Anyways, as usual, enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buckethead - Home for the Hemorrage

Artist: Buckethead
Year: 2008

Track Listing

1. Lebron
2. Lebron's Hammer
3. King James

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Good night everyone. Today i bring to you straight from the slaughterhouse, a celebration of Lebron James birthday. Buckethead as a great as that he is, he celebrated James birthday by releasing 3 tracks. At the time only King James was knew from the album "Crime Slunk Scene" (Picture on the right) and the other 2 tracks were new at the timea dn later would become the first and second tracks of "Slaughterhouse on the Praire" (picture on the left).

The name "Home for the Hemorrage" was considered to be a track on an upcoming Buckethead album and later found out that it was a tentative title for one of the tracks in "Slaughterhouse on the Praire".

The three tracks a great rocking songs, in fact Crime Slunk Scene is my second favorite Buckethead album, and the first one i ever bought with my own money. Real proud of that one.

I hope you enjoy this pieces.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Merzbow - Merzbient (2010)

Artist: Merzbow
Album: Merzbient
Year: 2010

Track Listing

CD 1
1. RBA 1A - 45:45

CD 2
1. RBA 1B - 44:36
2. Untitled - 12:41

CD 3
1. RBA 2A - 45:59

CD 4
1. RBA/Capsule Cologne Maxell - 46:07

CD 5
1. RBA 8B - 46:32

CD 6
1. RBA 8A - 46:41

CD 7
1. RBA 7+2 - 31:29
2. RBA 7+1 - 23:04

CD 8
1. RBA/Maxell UD II-S 90 - 30:07
2. Mixer/Scratch AXIA For CD - 29:58

CD 9
1. Metal4ch - 43:10

CD 10
1. Matehnas - 30:41
2. 1988DECsolo - 23:48

CD 11
1. 9011 - 31:17
2. Violinsolo89 - 15:39

CD 12
1. Gasstove4-90 - 22:55
2. 92288 - 39:51

What would happen if i click here?

Hi everyone, no free song or album today. Instead, i would like to raise attention to a genre of music some would find offensive to your ears and maybe not music at all.
I present to you, Merzbient, a 12CD box set with noise. I personally do not like the noise, but i do respect this artist quite much because he's considered to be the king of noise music. His catalog is so great, you would need weeks, maybe months to hear from beginning (1979) to the present, mainly becuase he has over 250 albums arround; and that is what i respect from him. The ability to create such a diverse span of sounds in such a highly creative way just bewilderes me.

This set is more special because its a depart from what he is used to. Yes, its still noise, but its ambient noise. To date ive heard the album and its the only album that has scared me deeply. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

Anyways i do not provide the link to download this from this blog, but i do know where to find the blog if youre clever (hahaha). I do not mind people downloading an album that isnt supposed to be for free as long as it serves a purpose and if i get someone hooked to Merzbow it would be something really great and rare considering the ammount of fans in this genre and also the ammount of copies from one album that he mannages to release (arround 1000 and thats it).

Anyways, enjoy....if you dare

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins - Tom Tom (2010)

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Song: Tom Tom
Album: Teargarden By Kaleidoscope Vol. 2: The Solstice Bare
Year: 2010

Download the song Clicking Here or at the side bar

Hello everyone. Its been months since ive posted, everything its complicated right now and most importantly i didnt had any motivation to continue posting due to a big fight on a forum that ultimately got me banned for a month, maybe less. At the end i got back in and im happy with how things turn out.

Having said that i present to you "Tom Tom" by the Smashing Pumpkins, its a great song. Easily the strongest song of this instalment of the lenghty project that Corgan is in charge now. This is the seventh free track of the 44 track album, and the third song from the second volume released last week.
I tried to ask Kerry (Brown), producer of the album, why did this volume got released withou releasing the four tracks beforehand (at the time 2 of the 4 were released), he then replied by saying that this track would be released on the day of the release of the volume.

To today's post, 3 of the 4 tracks are released but if someone reading is a fan of Vampire Diaries or knows youtube, you can find the other unreleased track "The Fellowship" there.

I rather not explain what this song is to me. Its rather personal but so far there is no sign of me getting tired of this song and in my personal list this track comes second to "A Song For a Son" mainly because im a guitar man and i love the solo but "Tom Tom" is rather close in the list.

I hope you enjoy the track as much as i do.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Megadeth - Head Crusher (2009)

Artist: Megadeth
Song: Head Crusher
Album: Endgame
Year: 2009

Click to open Megadeth music player

Another great track by Dave Mustaine, called "Head Crusher", was the first song to be heard from yet another masterpiece from Megadeth called "Endgame". The song has some sick solos, and an incredible intro that blows my mind each time ive heard it, and makes me mad just trying to play it. This is not the highlight of this album, but i dont like to coment on tracks that are not for free. Now, as you all cant see, there is no link to download it. Well, i cant seem to find it, but i do know that it was free when i downloaded it from Roadrunner Records, last year when the promotion of the album was very strong. Now the label doesnt have the link or the Megadeth site, but they do have a player, if you like Metal music, you wont be disapointed. Also i dont think Head Crusher is on this player, but youre all very smart, youll find a way.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV (2008)

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: Ghosts I-IV
Year: 2008

Track Listing

Ghosts I

1 Ghosts I – 2:48
2 Ghosts I – 3:16
3 Ghosts I – 3:51
4 Ghosts I – 2:13
5 Ghosts I – 2:51
6 Ghosts I – 4:18
7 Ghosts I – 2:00
8 Ghosts I – 2:56
9 Ghosts I – 2:47

Ghosts II

10 Ghosts II – 2:42
11 Ghosts II – 2:17
12 Ghosts II – 2:17
13 Ghosts II – 3:13
14 Ghosts II – 3:05
15 Ghosts II – 1:53
16 Ghosts II – 2:30
17 Ghosts II – 2:13
18 Ghosts II – 5:22

Ghosts III

19 Ghosts III – 2:11
20 Ghosts III – 3:39
21 Ghosts III – 2:54
22 Ghosts III – 2:31
23 Ghosts III – 2:43
24 Ghosts III – 2:39
25 Ghosts III – 1:58
26 Ghosts III – 2:25
27 Ghosts III – 2:51

Ghosts IV

28 Ghosts IV – 5:22
29 Ghosts IV – 2:54
30 Ghosts IV – 2:58
31 Ghosts IV – 2:25
32 Ghosts IV – 4:25
33 Ghosts IV – 4:01
34 Ghosts IV – 5:52
35 Ghosts IV – 3:29
36 Ghosts IV – 2:19

Click here to go to the album website

Click here to download Ghosts I for free or other download options

Well, its been a while scince my last post, so ill leave you Ghosts I-IV, a ver dark piece from Nine Inch Nails. Its also what lure me into the chaotic mind and sounds of Trent Reznor. There are some real gems from this albums, and also great collaborations, for example, Andrew Bellew also know to be in the mytical King Crimson. Talking about the sound, its dark, its strong, its mindblowing. Some tracks like the first track just captivates me, and also "34 Ghosts IV" (which was also nominated for a Grammy, not that the grammys really matter, but still), there are hard songs, but its up to you to see, and hear, and i mean really really hear. For the ones that got captivated by this set, and want to spend real money on it, there is also a really deluxe edition of the set, that has 2 aditional songs, which for unknown reasons were left out of it (i really dont know why, and they are great tracks speacially "Ghosts 38", which sonds like "Demon Seed" from the album "The Slip", posted some time earlier).

On the usual spot ive set the links for the albums page, and also the order page, were there are 4 available choices, one of them is downloading the first Ghosts for free, others have prices which, if you want and like, you can pay. For the undecided people, ive found the player of the whole album, tracks from each Ghosts may be in the player, but i think the tracks may vary from time to time (the player is at the end of this post).

Anyways, i hope you like and enjoy this one, and also suport Nine Inch Nails.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins - Widow Wake My Mind (2010)

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Title: Widow Wake My Mind
Album: Teargarden by Kaleidoscope, Vol. 1: Songs for a Sailor
Year: 2010

Track Listing

1. Widow Wake My Mind - 4:59

Click here to download

Here is the second song from the album "Teargarden By Kaleidoscope", following the incredible "A Song for a Son", but this one fails to be greater than the last track. I heard this song a lot when i came out, but maybe thats what happened to me that now i dont like it so much, hearing it so often bores me with some songs. Even if now it doesnt caught my ears, i still have in my MP3 and i listen to this track when the MP3 is on random.

As the last track, if you liked this one, and also the last one. Maybe its time to buy the EP, which has 4 tracks out of the 44 of the whole album (and hasnt been released yet). Ill post another time with the next 2 tracks, and another time with the whole EP, "Teargarden by Kaleidoscope, Vol. 1: Songs for a Sailor". If you wanna hear this song, and the others, there is a Smashing Pumpkins player on the side of the blog. Feel free to download the song from that player if you like.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jonsi - Go (2010)

Artists: Jonsi
Album: Go
Year: 2010

Track Listing:

1. Go Do – 4:41
2. Animal Arithmetic – 3:24
3. Tornado – 4:15
4. Boy Lilikoi – 4:30
5. Sinking Friendships – 4:42
6. Kolniður – 3:56
7. Around Us – 5:18
8. Grow till Tall – 5:21
9. Hengilás – 4:15

Click here to download Tornado (mail confirmation is required)

Scince i watched the video of the first single of this album "Go Do", i loved the voice of Jonsi (kind of reminds me of Mathew Bellamy from Muse in some moments). I didnt liked much the album except for "Go Do", "Boy Lilikoi", and "Tornado". Well, as far as the album goes, its too pop for my taste, but i do like to hear "Go Do" from time to time. I prefer Jonsi when he is on Sigur Ros (also another great band, ill post about them someday), not that hes bad on his own, but scince its his first solo release, maybe with time, ill found something else from him more of my taste.

I found the player on Jonsi's site, and decided to put it here, save you some of your time. But i think its a little too big for the blog, still im going to leave it there, and hope that it doesnt bother you too much. Now, in order to get the free track "Tornado", you will have to sing your mail up, them a mail comes with a link to download.

Enjoy =P